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Have You Hugged Your Recruiter Today?

By January 9, 2018 No Comments

Behind every great tech company, there’s a great recruiter. There’s never been a greater demand for talent, and recruiters are becoming the backbone of company culture, talent and growth. These people fight a daily war for talent, and don’t often get the credit they deserve. Their job is misunderstood and their co-workers don’t always appreciate how tough and competitive recruitment has become. There are many reasons to hug your recruiter, but these three should convince you to do it today.

Rejection comes with the job. No one hears, “no thanks” more often than a recruiter looking for top talent. In the past, the job was focused on being the company’s gatekeeper and keeping people out. Nowadays, hiring requires endless research, sourcing, pitching… and some thick skin. Why? Because up-and-coming companies have to compete for talent in a market that’s driven by scarcity, where the candidates are in charge. Recruiters shouldn’t take things personally, but dealing with constant rejection can take its toll.

Hug Your Recruiter

It’s hard to please all the people, all the time. Finding a qualified recruit is only the first step in the hiring process. The next obstacle is getting that rare gem past your hiring committee. Too often, these panels consist of well-intentioned (but naive) individuals who are quick to point out a candidate’s deficiencies, often with little regard for how few qualified people there are in the market-at-large. Like the emperors of old, they’re quick to give a thumbs down and send the recruiter back to search for perfection in a less than perfect world.

Recruiting can get lonely. In big companies, recruiters work in packs. Most early stage companies rely on a lone wolf to search the desolate tundra in pursuit of talent. If you work in sales, you’re part of a team. If you’re a software engineer, there are others who can help you solve problems. Many recruiters aren’t so lucky. In the best case, yours reports to an HR professional with a relevant recruiting background who can mentor and coach. In the worst case, your recruiter reports into finance or operations and the job gets even harder…

A happy recruiter is a beautiful person who deserves your respect. Go on now. Hug yours today.